Dear Doggies

Dear Doggies,

You don’t know me. I am the person who comes to you once in a while, scoops you up, ruffles your hair, coos at you and goes away. But it’s more than that. I know you. And I know what it means to have you around. And so many of you at that.

I saw you the day you were born. You were ugly, without a visible nose, eyes closed, head rocking like a pendulum. I saw you getting filmed and being named. You were judged by the marks you wore, like Buddha wore his halo.

There are so many of you. So overwhelmingly present everywhere. In slippers you chew, in clothes you tear with your newly found tooth power, in places you pee happily, in the way you smell and in the teary eyed smile you leave behind.
I remember we were all prepared to study one day. And there you are. Rolling over each other, sleeping on each other’s heads and giving your mom a tough time. Bye bye studies. “Which pup is  the fattest, you think?”

It’s two months you’ve been born now. Do you know that? You with your queer names. Oh! You have been incredible. You have brought home long lost friends. You have been beautiful enough to keep our most loved ones close. You have broken awkward silences, always ready to become the center of all paused conversations. You have posed for us, only so that we may have a good profile picture. You have chewed at our shoes so that we may buy new ones. You’ve beckoned the best of people, the best out of everyone.

You, little ones. You know who’s not so happy today and there you come. Bouncing in the air, your ears not quite in control. You know who’s new and that you should pay more attention there. You’re a smart bunch. You know who’s lap to jump into, who to lick. You know you have fluffy hair and once our fingers get lost in your pretty coats, we’re done for.

When you leave, which you will, remember there’s a family waiting just for the bundle of happiness you carry around in your beady eyes, wet noses and little barks. Remember there are people who love you, perhaps lesser than you love them. Because you’re dogs. We can’t be you.

You’re the best. I love you. Everyone who looked at you and couldn’t look away loves you.

Except your mom, maybe. You worry her too much.



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