Hi November

November is dawning. My favourite time of the year. Not because it’s Diwali or Christmas.

Because it’s winters.

There will be endless cups of tea. There will be the Literature fest and the theatre fest (sort of). There will be friends coming home.
And although, there will be a day when the semester ends begin, there will also be a day when they end. There will be warm quilts falling off the bed and fluffy socks and gloves. There will be a reason to not get up and to skip a bath!

There will be long walks in the cold mornings, with some people stamping their feet and some others shaping out fog clouds with their breath. In the afternoons, there will be long naps in the balcony with Vaseline for a companion.  There will be the silence of switched off fans and ACs.

There will be dogs basking in the warm sand and cats snoring quietly in your shoe rack. There will be an endless playlist of songs playing on repeat. There will be sugarcane and carrots and fried groundnuts. There will be a trip to Dadi’s. There will be sweaters and pullovers and jackets. There will be gloves, and a friend with no gloves. And so, there will be a warm right hand and a freezing left hand. There will be picnics.

Oh, and before long, there will be kites and paper lanterns filling the sky. And we will be there too. Standing on our rooftops.

Each of us alone, looking up in the sky, at paper lanterns flying by.

And we will be watching the lanterns until they are a speck. Unknowingly then, we will lock eyes. You and me. Our visions travelling across, piercing the dark winter clouds and the walls of our houses.

We know we will smile. And a yellow paper lantern will die and fall beside us. Or a kite comes gliding into our hands. And we will know we sent each other our love and hugs.

Before you know, these times will pass. There will be “that old time” which went. But there will also be “that old friend” who stayed. And “that old time feeling” which mattered.

PS: For my only two regular readers. Falguni and Isha. Pyar.


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