So I am basically going to talk about today. Its not interesting.

Ah! Now you want to read it, don’t you?

Well. Today was tiring. This is the reason, I am curled up on the floor and not sulking on the table. I have finished two long practicals today; handwritten them. I have completed an assignment stretching to 7 pages, back and front for 2.5 marks. I have looked up the latest Coke Studio songs and downloaded them, fighting and winning a battle with my excruciatingly slow Wi-fi connection. I have managed to upload two pictures on Instagram and one on Facebook. Gathering a decent number likes, 20 on Instagram and 47 on Facebook is something of feat, don’t you think?

I hated “The Cursed Child” and I loved “While you were sleeping”.

I finished and cried over a book by Jerry Pinto called, “The Book of Light”. You should read it. I fought with an assistant professor, sneezed around 30 times,played twister and researched a painstakingly dull topic for a friend. I thought about so many of my friends and talked to none.  I have thought about the other part of the world, about Coldplay and about the dog who hasn’t come asking for food today. I completed a personality test as the part of an assignment and got branded as shrewd and anxiety ridden, Well!

But I sent a mail titled, “Kaho kya khayal hai?” (Tell me what you think)  and ended it with, “Pyar, Tuhina” (Love, Tuhina)

But, oh! I forgot to read the newspaper. And I forgot to drink the orange juice.

The road is silent outside and there are clouds in the sky. My playlist is coming to an end.So is my energy level.

That was me. How about you?

PS: Yes its a shitty post! This is supposed to be a random entry!






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