In a mental hospital
I fell in love.
If love is what you say it is.
A boy.
With severe mental retardation
He is never sad,
His doctor said.
He is either happy.
Or angry.
I saw him fly
His arms wide open.
I saw him trying
To catch invisible butterflies.

Saw him laugh.
When he smelled the coffee
I saw him growl
When the doctor forced an injection.
He found me looking at him.
And smiled.
I think he knew.
I saw him shaking his head
Like a happy dog
Showering us with invisible water.
I saw his dirty nails.
His splotched skin
Stained nails.
And then
I saw his grin.
And the gleam in his eyes.

I wrote this while I was attending a month long workshop in Delhi. There are some people and things which stick to your mind, don’t they?
Also, just like I promised in my first post, here’s another couple of some blackout writing on some old legal studies notes!

wp_ss_20160821_0002 (2)wp_ss_20160821_0001 (2)

 How is it? Let me know!

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